Parking Dash

Parking Dash

The stress of finding a parking space turned into fun


  • Good graphics and music
  • Interesting concept


  • Not very exciting

Very good

Trying to find a parking space is not fun - and it hardly makes for a great game, although Parking Dash makes an ambitious bid to do so.

Parking Dash sees you as a valet who has to park and return your customers' cars in the quickest time possible. You have two gameplay modes to choose from - Story (which follows some kind of bizarre "parking plot") and Endless shift which is a relentless barrage of customers waiting for you to collect and retrieve their cars.

There are 50 levels to make it through although the variation between each one is negligible. The big difference seems to be quite simply the speed at which you have to act. You can however improve your parking lot to make more money and attract more customers but this amounts to the rather unexciting prospect of adding donut vending machines or installing lifts into the car park.

Parking Dash features good graphics and sound but it's not the most inspiring game you'll ever play.

Parking Dash


Parking Dash

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